delicious grEATings!

You may have noticed a downtick in recipe posts in the past few months. I’m sorry about that. It wasn’t intentional. But don’t you worry, I have many in the hopper, especially after my productive week on vacation that I am wrapping up as I type.

But I have also been spending my “blog time” developing a product, and I am ready to make it blog-official!

I am thrilled to present to you delicious grEATings™, my greeting cards that feature some of my favorite original food photography!  I currently have two lines of cards:

  • Vibrant Photography Cards – 13 designs available in a variety of sizes from 2” x 3” to 5” x 7”, and
  • Recipe Cards – 5” x 7” cards with beautifully-formatted recipes on the back!

They are unique, and they are awesome. They are perfect for basically any occasion – whenever cards and food are appropriate. Send them to a foodie friend, a brunch buddy, or anyone who appreciates food photography (which, if you ask the #food hashtag at instagram, is literally hundreds of millions of people). All of the cards are available individually, and I am also selling the Recipe Cards in really cute boxed sets.

delicious grEATings comfort foods boxed set ~ by My Utensil Crock

Seriously, the final product has turned out so nicely. In addition to the above “comfort foods” boxed set, there is also a “brunch” boxed set:
delicious grEATings brunch boxed set ~ by My Utensil Crock

“Oh, thanks for having me over for brunch! In return, here is the most apropos, unique hostess gift ever!” – You.

There are lots more ideas for boxed sets literally spilling out of my brain and onto paper in my planner, and digital notes, and soon into my kitchen, overrunning my weekends and other time off from work … but it is so much fun.

If you could not tell, I am really excited about it.

If you follow My Utensil Crock on Instagram or Facebook, you knew about the original line of cards. If you missed that, here’s a one-second recap of some of the best-sellers:

Vibrant photography cards ~ by My Utensil Crock

This is pretty legit now. SO legit, that I even have FAQs to answer for you:

  • Where can I see, touch, and buy delicious grEATings cards?
    My cards are currently on the shelves in several stores in Washington, D.C., and Virginia. Try The Cookery, Hill’s Kitchen, and Green Roost. {Huge thank you’s to the complete encouragement from the owners of these shops, respectively Cary, Leah, and Kelsey, my inaugural partners!}
  • Will delicious grEATings cards be in other stores?
    Oh yes. Just you wait. Be the first to learn about new retailers by following My Utensil Crock on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe Instagram too. Follow and find out!
  • But I don’t live in Washington, D.C., or Virginia! Where else can I find delicious grEATings?
    Well, you should drop in and say hi. But if that isn’t in the cards {CARDS – GET IT?}, you have a few options.
    1. Ask your favorite kitchen store, or card or gift shop, to carry them.
    2. Let me know the name of your favorite kitchen store, or card or gift shop, and I will contact them and give them all the info on these cards.
  • You always provide me with so many options. Is there a third option? i.e., WILL YOU HAVE AN ETSY SHOP?
    Funny you should ask; I DO HAVE AN ETSY SHOP. On my way to opening my Etsy Wholesale shop, I have to open a draft Etsy Retail shop. And I figured, what the heck, it’s been quite a year for pushing my comfort zone, I will just keep that draft retail shop open. And just like that, I have an Esty shop.  You will notice it’s not yet flush with all of the cards, but as of this posting, the boxed sets are ready to go! I will add cards as time allows.

My Utensil Crock Etsy Shop

Just click on that cute little Etsy heart and it will take you straight to my shop. OH! While you are there, if you are an Etsy user, would you mind following/favoriting my shop? It would be much appreciated. I am a true Etsy novice, but bear with me, I will figure this out, and it will be awesome.

In the future, to find my Etsy shop, just search for “myutensilcrock,” or click on the Etsy heart in the right sidebar.

That’s it for now! I just wanted to let you know about this fun step for My Utensil Crock. Have a great week!


  1. Holly Burch says

    So exciting! I love the original cards!! I took a few to display to work to show off your talent and people always ask about them! Congratulations on this next big move – very excited for you and can’t wait to pick up my first set of cards!

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