Legal Terms Bloggers Should Know

I know. You just want to have a blog. Merely want to post commentary about things you think are interesting and share pictures of things you think are beautiful.

But it’s not always that easy, and as a blogger you should arm yourself with basic legal knowledge. Maybe you have been meaning to, but haven’t quite gotten around to it…

Don’t worry. I did it for you. And I made it really pretty, and easy to read, just for you.

Below you will find the glossary from my eBook, Think Like a Lawyer, Blog Like a Pro: A practical guide to navigating copyrights, trademarks, and more on the web. I am sharing it with you here on my blog because I think this is information from which every blogger would benefit, if every blogger knew.

Want more practical, plain language information on basic legal concepts bloggers should know? Want that information in a 50-page eBook? {Want those hyperlinks to work?} Done.  You can purchase and download the full 50-page Think Like a Lawyer here! It may be a legal primer, but it’s just as colorful and easy to understand as the glossary. Promise.Glossary page 1 TLLGlossary page 2 TLLGlossary page 3 TLL

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