About My Utensil Crock {Tech + Legal}


All images on this blog and accompanying social media sites under the username “myutensilcrock” are my intellectual property. If you would like to use one or more of my images for any purpose, please get in touch with me – I would love to chat with you about it! {My profile pictures are courtesy of Sweet Pea Portraits by Stacey; Images in the Growing Edge “round-up” posts were not taken by me.}

Likewise, all recipes and the heartwarming, witty, and/or thought-provoking commentary in the posts that come with ’em are also my intellectual property. As with all blog recipes in these crazy times in which we live, if you would like to use one of my recipes on your own blog, please credit to me by using “My Utensil Crock” in the credits with a link to myutensilcrock.com.

Interested in more about intellectual property associated with blogs? Learn more about all sorts of things you should know about copyright, trademarks, licensing, trademarks, and more in my eBook, Think Like a Lawyer, Blog Like a Pro: A practical guide to navigating copyrights, trademarks, and more on the web!


I used wordpress.com until I knew I had outgrown it and needed more space and functionality. I moved to wordpress.org in March 2014. I hired someone to do that for me!

I use mediatemple {mt} for hosting. Their customer service has been great!

Affiliate Links

When I love a product, I may provide a link for you to click on that will take you to some magical place where all you have to do is click a few keys (and enter your credit card number) and it will be on your doorstep in days (or an hour – thanks, Instacart!).  Things like that help me provide free content for you. Check out the links when you see them around the site. I will only provide links that I think my audience will be interested in, and I will minimize their intrusiveness as best I can!

Such as…

  • STICKY9 – print magnets and more from your Instagram photos! Please use code: FRIEND14XW9
  • Instacart – Whole Foods and Costco (and more) delivered to your door in an hour? YES PLEASE. They do surge pricing, so plan just a little earlier (like, a few hours earlier) for the best prices. But your first delivery is on them, and you get $5 off, when you click through this link! Or use code: BBROWN322

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