Grilled Cheese French Toast

Grilled Cheese French Toast

I will openly admit that I patted myself on the back for this one. Grilled Cheese French Toast. The term "leftover grilled cheese sandwiches" is probably an oxymoron, but the next time you make grilled cheese, I recommend making a few extra, and transforming those extras into this magical breakfast the next day. Or if you are a "breakfast for … Keep Reading

Twice-Baked Potatoes

Twice-Baked Potatoes-6

While we are all still in Thanksgiving mode, and in between trips to the fridge for one more bite of cold stuffing, let's briefly discuss this little two-in-one gem. Twice-Baked Potatoes are a great accompaniment to any meal, and are a classy and composed way to serve (and eat) both mashed potatoes and potato skins at the same time. In the … Keep Reading

I Guess That Includes the Meringues


If anything in this world is certain, my grandmother will always be there, and she will always make her Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies. Little puffy clouds of awesome, a crisp shell protecting a sweet, gooey chocolaty center; messy to eat as all get-out. The only solution is to shove the whole thing in your mouth in one bite - purely out of … Keep Reading

Roasted Tomato Soup {Easy}

Roasted Tomato Soup-2

It's cold; it's time. Roasted Tomato Soup. Tomato soup, of course, needs no grand introduction - just a bunch of pictures of it, paired with grilled cheese, in all of its glory. I couldn't narrow down the pictures - they all looked so good. I hope you will forgive me. Something tells me you will. This recipe makes a thicker soup, … Keep Reading

Treats for Tazewell: Pumpkin Treats

Pumpkin Treats-5

In October, Tazewell and I spent two weeks visiting my parents in Indiana. I was able to get out a bit; Tazewell, not so much, save for periodic {but pretty frequent!} lightning-speed dashes into the back yard to protect us from ... bunnies I guess. I'm not really sure what he was chasing, I didn't see anything. I thank him, in any case, for … Keep Reading

Homemade Chili Sauce

Homemade Chili Sauce-5

Another day, another recipe to replace a bottle of condiments in the refrigerator door with something healthier, from items you can keep on-hand. Ho-hum. As you will recall from my Cocktail Sauce post, I like to have the right condiment for every occasion, but I hate the thought of a dozen or more glass bottles languishing in the refrigerator … Keep Reading

Homemade Onion Herb Mix

Homemade Onion Herb Mix-4

The first time I made a recipe that used onion soup mix as an ingredient, it seemed easy enough to buy, keep on hand, and use in recipes like meatloaf, brisket, and dips. It seemed to add a lot of flavor, and I figured there were a lot of flavors in the packet that I could not replicate on my own. Um, how could I even begin to replicate this … Keep Reading

Reese’s Puffs Treats {Easy}

Reese's Puffs Treats-2

Who doesn't have fond memories of melting marshmallows and butter on the stove, hurrying to pour in and stir a big bowl of cereal, and pressing the mixture into a buttered pan. The sticky, sweet crunchies left on the spoon and in the recesses of the pot were a teaser of the final, cooled product. Rice Krispies Treats may be the ultimate shared … Keep Reading

Cocktail Sauce {Fast + Easy + Healthy}

Cocktail Sauce-4

If you are like me, you would rather not have twenty bottles of condiments lining your refrigerator door. And, if you are like me, you would also like the right condiment for every occasion. Finally, if you are like me, you would love for those condiments to be as fresh and healthy as possible. It can be exhausting to be like me. Trust me on … Keep Reading