Lox, Red Onion, and Dill Savory Scones

Savory Salmon Scones-4

Happy Birthday Dad! For your birthday, I am announcing to the Internets: I LIKE LOX! * I have not always liked smoked salmon, a.k.a. lox. But after a few salmon and avocado sushi rolls, I realized that I was actually eating, and loving, something really quite similar. This is not unlike an epiphany I had toward the end of college; that is, … Keep Reading

Chicken Chorizo Breakfast Tacos or Lettu...

Chicken Chorizo Lettuce Cups-2

Looking to spice up breakfast this weekend? Chicken Chorizo Tacos it is. Looking for something lighter? Use egg whites and butter lettuce for fresh, crisp lettuce cups instead. No real recipe here, just some steps to follow and ingredients to compile. This post is inspired by a brunch I had recently from the gluten-free menu at Firefly in … Keep Reading

Brunch Bites: Baked Benedict Buffet

Eggs Benedict Buffet Bar-3

Looking for an easy, fun brunch option? Try your own Baked Benedict Buffet! Sunday Funday, indeed. Eggs Benedict is traditionally made with an English muffin, topped with a thin piece of fried or broiled ham, a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce. More fussy ingredients than I need, and I am guessing the same is true for you. If you read my … Keep Reading

Treats for Tazewell: Apple & Carrot...

Apple-Carrot Bundle Dog Treats-2

Why yes, in this picture, Tazewell is staring with intent at an Apple & Carrot Bundle while wearing a bandana.* And in this picture, he is staring at me, trying to be such a good boy, because he knows what is on the tray above him. Also, I'm holding a treat in front of the camera and begging him in a high-pitched voice to please just sit … Keep Reading

Mini Flourless Chocolate Cakes

Mini Flourless Chocolate Cake-2

Every year, I have a big plan for Passover to take advantage of the limited diet for the week and be healthy. Straight lean-meat-and-vegetables for me. But then like a minute later, I am finding different ways to combine butter, sugar, eggs, and chocolate. Oh and, unrelated, cheese. Chocolate flourless cake has always been intriguing and … Keep Reading

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chunk Macaroon...

Chocolate Chunk Macaroons-5

The true meaning of Passover is celebrating freedom ... and trying different types of desserts. Sacrilegious? Nah. A major part of celebrating holidays is enjoying traditional foods - sometimes foods we only have once a year, or that we haven't had since childhood. I'm not a huge coconut person, but coconut macaroons taste like Passover to … Keep Reading

Matza Lasagna

Matza Lasagna-6

Love this. A simple Passover-friendly version of a classic comfort dish. This recipe uses matza instead of noodles in a layered lasagna. What? Yep, no joke. With a brief soak in water and bake in the oven, matza substitutes for noodles, and you get your doughy fix for the week. I have not tested this recipe on kids, but I bet it … Keep Reading

Snow Day Snacks: Pizza Dough

Pizza Dough-6

I started this post a few weeks ago during a snow day. As it became clear I would not be completing the post that day, I figured I would just change the "Snow Day Snacks" part of the title when I got around to posting it, but OMG, there is a "slight chance of snow after 2:00am" tonight. Come. On. It's enough already. I will look for the silver … Keep Reading

Easy Homemade Pizza Sauce

Pizza Sauce

Are you like me? Any excuse to eat "red sauce" like marinara or pizza sauce is a good one? I always order extra on the side at restaurants. Love it. Pizza sauce is actually my favorite part of pizza. If I had to rank pizza components, I would say: 1) sauce, 2) dough, 3) toppings, and 4) cheese. In college, when my sorority would order 10 or 20 … Keep Reading