Ratatouille Lasagna {No-Noodle}

Ratatouille Lasagna-8

I have so much to tell you about this lasagna, and I want to say it all at once. In no particular order - or, all at once, if that were possible: It's DELICIOUS. The ricotta and mozzarella you crave from lasagna, and the rich vegetable flavors of ratatouille, together in one casserole. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Healthy twists in this recipe will give you a … Keep Reading

Spinach Caesar Shells with Charred Kale

Spinach Caesar Pasta with Charred Kale-3

This is a fun one. I have had "caesar" on the brain, and this easy weeknight pasta-dish-for-one delivers. In the time you boil water and cook the pasta, the rest of the dish is easily prepped. Love efficiency. Shells + Chicken + Kale + Caesar = YUM. Make that caesar a spinach-caesar-dressing-sauce - which is the only way you can really … Keep Reading

Grits Casserole {Healthy}

Grits Casserole-3

I have been wanting to post this recipe for a long time. It is one of my staples, and I am forever searching through my electronic files for it, using the search term - wait for it - "mushrooms," because the original recipe had a braised mushroom topping. But I don't braise anything when I make this dish, and it has absolutely nothing to do with … Keep Reading



Have I mentioned my nickname in law school was "the Dream Crusher"? It's true. I mean, people didn't greet me that way in the hallway or anything, but I'm unequivocally a realist. I break things down and rub off their shiny veneer, leaving - sometimes - crushed dreams. So, Vichyssoise! Vish-ee-swaz. A fancy name for a SUPER-easy soup. … Keep Reading

Kale Caesar Salad

Kale Caesar Salad_-6

I am on a big Caesar Salad kick. Big kick. Huge kick. And, of course, my Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale kick is going on, like, year 3. Therefore, the stars have aligned for a Kale Caesar Salad. Nothing is fresher than a salad, right? But guess what. The ingredients for this particular salad are actually very easy to keep on-hand. While still … Keep Reading

Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake-3

I have a good friend from law school who always thinks I am pulling her leg. Don't get me wrong - I am often pulling her leg - but if one thing is true in this world, I would never steer SLRH wrong. She knows that, of course, but it doesn't stop her from rolling through the entire extended potential aftermath of whatever I have just thrown at her, … Keep Reading

How to: Microwave Bacon

How to Microwave Bacon-3

One thing I don't love about cooking blogs is when the author gets too in-deep with the personal stories. Know what I mean? It's like - all you want is to know how to cook crispy bacon in the microwave in one easy step, and to get to the info you have to read through an homage to, like, some random dog's birthday, you know? Well, guess what. My … Keep Reading