30 Second Scrambled Eggs – in the Microwave!

30 Second Scrambled Eggs ~ by My Utensil Crock

I am completely enamored of this recipe.

Well, “recipe” is a strong word for it. Trick? Technique?

Call it what you will, but in about 30 seconds, you can make scrambled eggs in your microwave.

30 Second Scrambled Eggs ~ by My Utensil Crock

And they are fluffy, and light, and delicious. No oil, just egg. They pop right out! And it won’t be rubbery – as long as you don’t spread them too thin.

Other things that take 30 seconds to do: Get up from the couch and put Trader Joe’s chocolate chips in a tiny bowl to snack on; dislodge a dog tennis ball out from under the (same) couch; load one page on the internet using a sub-par GoGo Inflight Wifi connection (mayyyybe right now).

Not much. 30 seconds is not long at all.

But in the morning? It can be key. 30 seconds is enough time to make some headway on dishes in the sink, or to unload half the dishwasher. To trick the dog into eating his pills; or to take the coffee to the counter by the fridge, get the milk, pour it in, and take that first sip while my breakfast finishes cooking itself. Watch the clock in the morning  30 seconds goes a lot farther than it does at night.

30 Second Scrambled Eggs ~ by My Utensil Crock

It doesn’t take much more than 30 seconds to make scrambled eggs on the stove, but you have to stand there and monitor it, when you could be doing something else. For stovetop eggs, you have to heat up the pan, and spray oil, and dirty a pan and a spatula. And my stove-top eggs would never be this fluffy and light.

30 Second Scrambled Eggs ~ by My Utensil Crock

Don’t get me wrong; stovetop eggs are a great option for a quick healthy, fresh breakfast, and they are a go-to for me. But this has become my go-to breakfast on weekdays – and for quick protein-filled snacks, as well. I have considered bringing in a half dozen Omega-3 eggs to work, to whip up a hot breakfast myself in the microwave rather than the chafing dish eggs in our cafeteria (which are fine, but not really dependable, and are cold by the time I get back to my desk).

30 Second Scrambled Eggs ~ by My Utensil Crock

Speaking of Omega-3, this is probably a good time to mention that I buy Omega-3 eggs for when I will be using the yolk. If I’m just using whites, I don’t worry about how fancy the eggs are, or how happy the hens are who lay them (FOR SHAME).

So this “recipe” will always be Omega-3 eggs for me, because I tried to make it with 2 egg whites (no yolks) once. Oh my. Did not work out. It snapped and spit and popped. A terrifying 45-60 seconds (I know, it also took longer!) from a very benign-seeming start.

30 Second Scrambled Eggs ~ by My Utensil CrockThere are photos in this post from two different scenarios. Directly above, in the round white bowl, is one egg. That’s the same bowl in which it was nuked.

The squared-off eggs, like this…

30 Second Scrambled Eggs ~ by My Utensil Crock…are one scrambled egg made in a glass storage container that was that size and shape (one of the smaller ones from a Costco box of mixed sizes), on half a piece of toast (Whole Foods sandwich bread is much bigger than I imagined it to be).

My microwave is pretty high-speed and just tapping the 30-second button does the trick. My friend LO tried this because she did NOT believe me, but also knows I would NOT steer her wrong, and she said it took closer to 45 seconds. In any case, a win.

30 Second Scrambled Eggs - in the Microwave!
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
It's not even a recipe, it's just an amazing idea. Scramble one egg in a bowl and enjoy perfect, fluffy scrambled eggs in 30 seconds.
Recipe type: Breakfast, Brunch, Snack
Serves: 1 scrambled egg
  • 1 egg (I use Omega-3)
  1. Crack egg into a small bowl, like a cereal bowl or even a large mug. Make sure the egg is at least ½" deep in the middle. Scramble using a fork until it is well-mixed.
  2. Microwave for 30 seconds.
  3. After the 30 seconds, use a clean fork to lift up the egg and see if there is any liquid egg underneath. If there is, microwave for another 7-10 seconds.
This recipe-maker won't accept numbers below one minute. These eggs are THAT fast.

Another reason to give this a whirl: if you have a cutie like this who likes eggs and is learning to make his own breakfast, no parental stovetop supervision needed! Thanks AP and RP!

30 Second Scrambled Eggs ~ by My Utensil Crock

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