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Happy November! This month, My Utensil Crock is the host for a monthly food blogger online “linkup” called Our Growing Edge. Started by Genie from Bunny Eats Design, Our Growing Edge is a reminder to keep pushing ourselves to try something new – whatever “new” means to you – such as a new recipe, technique, ingredient, or restaurant. Oldies can be goodies, but I love the thought of a monthly reminder to push my comfort zone. I have participated a few times, maybe you recall seeing the logo in a few posts, like:

Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies



Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies, from August; and





WWChocChip-3Chocolate Chunk Cookies made with whole wheat flour, from September






Any blogger can join the linkup, and bloggers can enter as often (or as occasionally) as they would like. If you have a blog, why not try it out this month?

Throughout the month, bloggers will be posting their submissions on the linkup site, located here. Shortly after the end of November, I will post a “roundup” summary post, and we will check out the submissions. The host blog rotates monthly, and I am looking forward to hosting this month!

I hope you enjoy this series!

p.s. In writing this post, I realize that I can probably push my comfort zone a bit more than modifications to brownies and cookies, so let’s see what I can come up with this month. Any suggestions?


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    Hi Becky! After months of posting one expected recipe after another, I finally pushed the envelope this month and published a recipe I thought worthy of the Our Growing Edge badge. Just posted it to the InLinkz site this evening. Thank you so much for hosting! I’ve enjoyed browsing around your site – yum!

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      Hi Emily! I am glad you found just the right post for Our Growing Edge, and I am honored that you found it during “my” month! I am still stewing on what mine should be… it will be a surprise for both of us! Thanks for browsing around!

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    I’ve yet to make brownies or cookies so those are both way out of my comfort zone. Maybe something savoury that you have never made before? Just to throw a curve-ball at you?

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