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I am a full-time attorney with an enterprising cooking habit. I hail from the Midwest, and have been living in Washington D.C. for 14+ years. I have a dog; he is perfect.

I love healthy food, but I love it more when it doesn’t taste like healthy food – best of both worlds. At My Utensil Crock, you will find some of my tried and true recipes that I have been making for years – some that were so delicious, and rewarding to make, that I credit them for getting me hooked on cooking. You will also find some original recipes, and others I have found through various sources – friends and family, other blogs, websites, magazines, TV shows, the inside of a coffee filter box (true story), oh and cookbooks (remember them?) – that I am making for the first time, and if the finished product is worth sharing with you, I will. These are the recipes that keep me cooking.

While I don’t mind a challenge in the kitchen, I know that I am not in the majority on that front, so I will never pretend something is easier than it actually is. I will, however, simplify recipes as best I can for you. I will share tips and tricks along the way, with the hope that my experience is helpful and saves you some under-cooked cake and over-cooked chicken.

Why “My Utensil Crock”? The ceramic crock on my kitchen counter filled with my most-used gadgets is where I first turn when I need something in the kitchen; so when I was looking for a functional way to organize my most useful kitchen tools – recipes, tips, tricks, and more – my mind’s eye kept falling on … My Utensil Crock.

Have so much fun!



Nora schools me again.

Nora, my (former :( ) intern and resident millennial, schools me again.


With Nora in my kitchen, cooking up something or other.



  1. Ryan says

    Great job! The blog looks amazing. It is so impressive to see someone that is very busy, has such a successful job and yet still takes the time to create such delicious food and not only shares it through recipe but also good photography. Your success in publishing is well deserved and I am sure it is just the beginning!

  2. Chris Manning says

    Spectacularly done! Great to see you last night–can’t wait for more crock from the crock!

  3. Mom in Northern VA says

    Dear attorney with an enterprising cooking habit,
    My husband bought a huge bag of frozen berries from Costco because he thought our daughter, Lauren Bear, would enjoy these for breakfast. Unfortunately, our toddler isn’t enthusiastic about them. What are practical/creative ideas I can do with this bag of frozen blueberries/raspberries/etc.? Any ideas for the family?
    Mom in Northern Virginia

    • says

      Dear Mom in Northern Virginia,

      Yes! Blend them with some yogurt, milk, and a banana in a blender (or preferably food processor). Or just cook them in a pot until they defrost and break down a bit, and stir them into yogurt or over ice cream (you can add sugar while you are cooking it, but I think you will find you won’t need to).

      Let me know how it goes!

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