Hosting: Our Growing Edge … Round-up! Part II

our-growing-edge-badgeThis is the second post of two, reviewing the submissions for Our Growing Edge, an online “linkup party” that encourages food bloggers to go beyond their comfort zones and try new things.  Check out the first post here, and read on below for the second half!



13. Prawn Paste, from Sharing the Food We Love. The monster tiger prawns look beautiful!

14. I may put these chicken Japanese Meatballs on my list of things to make – I have never made anything where you combine cooked meat with raw meat, and cook it again – looking forward to experimenting. Thanks, Bashful Bao!

15. The Italian Kiwi brings us an old family recipe for Insalata Russa. The dish is very special to her, and the the tribute to her husband’s grandmother is worth the read.

16. Genie from Bunny. Eats. Design. brings us Duck Fat Two Ways: Duck Fat & Sage Roast Potatoes, and Duck Fat Croutons with Salami & Sage (pictured below). I have to say, I am not sure that a duck fat craze has hit the U.S. quite yet, but when it does, I am ready!

17. Nom Nom Cat tried tsukemen ramen for the first time at Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle in Los Angeles. Here is the report!

18. An eggplant extravaganza from Food, Mostly. If you haven’t tried cooking with eggplant, or are looking for some new recipes, check hers out!

19. Caramel Pears, from Amanda at Oven & Apron. How pretty are her pictures?

20. Stefan gives us a step-by-step-by-step tutorial on Chili con Carne, complete with a wine pairing! Thanks Stefan!

21. Sean makes Carrot Cake for his mom, and catches us up on his life recently. Happy Birthday, Sean!

22. This one was my own – I tried my hand at Challah, braided with four strands. Trust me, it was worth the effort!

23. And last but not least, Nom Nom Panda checks out Fresh Tomatillos, and makes some amazing-looking salsa!


  1. says

    Wonderful round up….love all the amazing food people prepared. I’ve done a bit of bread plaiting with three strands before, but never four so I’m keen to give it a try!

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