New Venture: Cooking Classes!

Prequel Culinary EducationI have been hinting that good things were on the horizon, and I am SO EXCITED to announce the launch of this venture!

Prequel is a new innovative concept in Washington DC that describes themselves as a “Megaplex for Foodies.”

I’m in!

Prequel asked if I would be interested in teaching cooking classes. I laughed, thinking about the advanced and specialized classes I had just signed up for myself, knowing I was not at all qualified to teach anyone how to make paella with authority, and said “absolutely not.”

And then an hour later I had brainstormed like 100 ideas for menus, classes, series of classes, empires, etc., that I actually was qualified to teach, and I hoped they would take me back. Working with entrepreneurs is a funny thing, and so so different from the only jobs I have ever known, being an attorney in the federal government. No concept is too grand, and I am still looking for the red tape I am so used to being bound in. They were excited to hear I was on board, and wanted to launch asap. There was not one interagency working group to discuss the concept and determine deliverables. It was amazing.

I talked to a panel of trusted confidantes for their input, and refined some concepts. Thank you to everyone I polled about this who contributed ideas, and especially to my focus group of LV, MMHH, BG, JS, and LS.

My pitch to Prequel was honest: I am not at all a trained chef, but I know how to make healthy, practical meals, and I know a lot about the professional downtown scene in DC. I suggested that classes I would teach would be more “lifestyle” oriented (cooking on weeknights, bringing lunch to work, eating a filling/easy/healthy breakfast on weekdays, entertaining in small spaces, etc.) rather than “cuisine” oriented (Italian, Thai, the aforementioned paella…).

It is a grand experiment, and I hope it goes smoothly and leads to more ventures. If you are interested in taking a class this summer in DC, click on the Prequel Culinary Education graphic in this post or in the right panel of the page. Classes will be added based on demand, so… demand away! The first class was are launching is: Summer Recipes for the Work Week. It’s two hours long and includes dinner, lunch for the next day, and a drink from Prequel’s bar. The initial classes will be held on June 16, July 14, and August 4 (all Tuesdays).

I wanted to be sure to tell you as soon as possible! But of course, stay tuned for updates. Working on the launch of my first class partially explains the lack of posts recently. I hope you will forgive me!


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