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My summer project for 2015 was a huge success! I taught a series of cooking classes designed for the practical professional, focusing on skills and techniques to use for weeknight cooking. The classes were held June 16, July 17, and August 4, at Prequel in Washington, D.C. {Prequel was located at 918 F ST. NW from March 2015 – January 2017.}

Cooking Classes with Becky

Photo Courtesy of Prequel

The hands-on classes were each approximately 2.5 hours in length, and during that time, we talked about efficient cooking, from technique to ingredients. Participants also enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner and got to know each other. One of the most unexpected parts of the classes for me was how fun and engaging all of the participants were. One student summed it up best, saying, “I would take a cruise with this group any day!” Another student’s only critique of the class was, “I wish there would have been more time to get to talk to the other people!” I hope to see all of the participants again soon!

Here are some photos from the classes.


July 2015


July 2015


PrequelClass 061615_

The set-up in the Prequel Kitchen is top-notch! Here I am explaining a recipe to the group at their cooking stations. (June 2015)

PrequelClass 061615_-4

Lunch for tomorrow, as modeled by Jenny and Teha! (June 2015)


PrequelClass 061615_-2

A toast to the delicious meal that the participants cooked in the class. (Drinks courtesy of Prequel) (June 2015)

PrequelClass 061615_-3

Class Picture! Thanks for being awesome participants, Susan, Jen, Early, Halima, Teha, and Jenny! Cheers! (June 2015)



I am thrilled to announce that I am teaching cooking classes this summer in Washington, D.C.! I am partnering with Prequel to bring DC professionals practical classes that fit into their lifestyle. Sick of starting the week at a food truck? Me too!* Come to a class and get some ideas for new staples. Enjoy dinner and a drink while you’re there, and take home lunch for the next day!

My first class is “Summer Recipes for the Work Week” and you can purchase tickets here. If the classes are successful, and other stars align, I hope to be able to bring you more classes with Prequel. If there is a class you would like to see – including additional classes with me – let Prequel know!

BONUS: My Development Associate, Nora, will be live-tweetstagramming the events, and I am looking forward to a great time. #NoraTweetstagrams. I will update this page with pictures and notes as we go.


* But I could eat gyros 5 days a week if left unattended.


  1. Sandra Smith says

    I want to participate in the next cooking class.
    I need help to purchase the ticket.
    Thank you for your time.

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