I learn so much at every Cooking Club, and enjoy so many of the dishes ... but here are some of my favorites!

Mascarpone Grilled Cheese Sandwiches wit...

Marscapone Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Hot Chocolate Soup ~ by My Utensil Crock

This post was a long time coming, in a few ways. First, the recipe. Mascarpone Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Hot Chocolate Soup. I first met this recipe in 2008 by way of an early but classic Cooking Club (Hostess: me; Theme: Soup’s On!; Date: 12.07.08). Every recipe in that menu was a soup, and this dessert course did not disappoint. The menu … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Greek Yogur...

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt

To my new friend MM who told me tonight: "I love peanut butter, and I love yogurt, and I would love to put them together, but I don't know how" (or something very similar), may I recommend... Stirring. I jest. It's more than that, of course, but just the littlest bit. She (and you) will love this easy recipe idea. I first met this … [Read more...]



Have I mentioned my nickname in law school was "the Dream Crusher"? It's true. I mean, people didn't greet me that way in the hallway or anything, but I'm unequivocally a realist. I break things down and rub off their shiny veneer, leaving - sometimes - crushed dreams. So, Vichyssoise! Vish-ee-swaz. A fancy name for a SUPER-easy soup. … [Read more...]

Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma-4

One of my favorite "street foods" is Chicken Shawarma. I love the thinly sliced bits of robustly flavored meat, wrapped in a warm pita or served on a bed of vegetables or rice. Traditional Chicken Shawarma is made on a large rotisserie, which I just can't replicate in my kitchen. It also is comprised of mystery pieces of chicken and seasoned … [Read more...]

Roasted Tomato Soup {Easy}

Roasted Tomato Soup-2

It's cold; it's time. Roasted Tomato Soup. Tomato soup, of course, needs no grand introduction - just a bunch of pictures of it, paired with grilled cheese, in all of its glory. I couldn't narrow down the pictures - they all looked so good. I hope you will forgive me. Something tells me you will. This recipe makes a thicker soup, … [Read more...]

Broiled Avocados with Chipotle + Cheddar

Broiled Chipotle-Cheddar Avocadoes-2

Broiled. As if you needed another way to enjoy avocados. This recipe has made the rounds on blogs and Pinterest, and if you haven't tried it yet, now is your big chance. All you need is an avocado or two, some shredded cheddar cheese, and one chipotle pepper with a bit of adobo sauce (the deep red liquid that chipotles in adobo come in). If you … [Read more...]

Green Grape Gazpacho {Healthy + Easy}

Green Grape Gazpacho-2

In honor of my 100th post (!), I present to you a very easy, very healthy recipe that takes, honestly, about 100 seconds to make once you have all of the ingredients ready. This Green Grape Gazpacho is a  Cooking Club favorite (Hostess: SLSC; Theme: A Light Spring Menu; Date: 04.23.06), and over 8 years later, we are still enjoying it - … [Read more...]

Chicken Salad {Honey + Cranberries + Pec...

Chicken Salad (Honey, Pecans, Celery)

  I am forever bookmarking "Summer's Greatest Salads!" postings on websites and blogs, and tearing them out of magazines, and excitedly putting them aside for the next time I am in the mood. And then, of course, I promptly forget about them, or do not have the ingredients on hand when I need them, and I always end up going back to my … [Read more...]

Challah {Four-Strand Braid}


Thanksgiving snuck up on me this year – does everyone feel that way every year? I had suggested to my parents that we embrace “Thanksgivukkah” and serve a Jewish-themed appetizer course, followed by the traditional Thanksgiving meal. They did not require much convincing. Any excuse to eat latkes, lox, and pastrami is welcomed around these … [Read more...]

Easy Raw Kale Salad with Garlicky Dressi...


Work last week was one of those where meetings, projects, and emails were unrelenting - and then I had work-related social events after work every night, to boot. While looking back, such a week can be satisfying because of what was accomplished, what was not satisfying was the food I ate. Rushed mornings getting out the door, "working lunches," … [Read more...]