Easy Skillet Focaccia
Recipe type: Bread
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
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Serves: 10-12" skillet of focaccia
This yeast bread comes together quickly, and the extra olive oil used in focaccia is a perfect match for cast iron, resulting in crunchy edges with a soft inside.
  • 1 packet active dry yeast
  • .5 t sugar
  • 1.5 c warm water (100-110 degrees)
  • 3 c flour
  • 1.5 t kosher salt
  • extra virgin olive oil (make sure you have at least .25 c available)
  • sea salt (for topping)
  1. In a liquid measuring cup (like a Pyrex), combine the yeast, sugar, and warm water (measure the temperature of the water before adding it to the Pyrex).
  2. Let the mixture "proof" (= get bubbly and fragrant) for 5 minutes.
  3. In a large bowl (if you plan to use a stand mixer, you don't need it yet for this step), mix together the flour and kosher salt.
  4. Add the yeast mixture, and mix with a spatula to combine.
  5. Mix the dough until it comes together, for a minute or two.
  6. Take another large bowl (a stand mixer bowl, if you will be using one), and pour olive oil quickly and evenly around the rim, so it drips to the middle and coats the inside of the bowl. This is easiest when your olive oil has a pour spout on it. If you think this step may be difficult to measure and you can see yourself accidentally pouring in the whole bottle, pour some olive oil in a small bowl and heavily paint the bowl with the oil, using a pastry brush.
  7. Transfer the dough to the oiled bowl, and knead the dough a bit so it incorporates the oil, using your hands or a stand mixer. Don't force all of the oil to incorporate; you may have some oil left in the bowl when this step is over.
  8. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place it somewhere warm. Let the dough rise for an hour. It's ok if there is extra oil pooling on the dough or in the bowl.
  9. Coat a large cast iron skillet with olive oil (if you have extra oil that has pooled in the dough bowl, you can use that), and transfer the prepared dough to the skillet. Spread out the dough evenly in the pan, drizzle very lightly with more oil, and let it rise for 30 more minutes.
  10. When it's time to bake the focaccia, heat the oven to 425.
  11. Use your fingers to make indentations on top of the dough, and then sprinkle with sea salt.
  12. Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until the top is golden.
  13. When it's done baking, you loosen the edges with a plastic knife, you should be able to pop the focaccia out in one piece. Place it on a large cutting board, and set out a serrated knife, a cloth napkin to hold the bread while cutting, and dipping sauces. Enjoy your freshly-made focaccia!
Recipe by My Utensil Crock at http://www.myutensilcrock.com/2017/09/17/easy-focaccia-skillet/